About Our Swimming Pool Borders

We're really proud of the high quality swimming pool borders we've created - here's why we think they're worth raving about.


At the core of the swimming pool border is a high quality vinyl base. This ensures the swimming pool border is strong, flexible and durable. In addition, we've also considered it's a visual appeal, so once fitted, it blends neatly to the surface of your swimming pool liner.

Easy to Clean

All our swimming pool borders have a specially formulated coating on the surface of each border to repel staining around the waterline of your swimming pool. This is important because most swimming pool liners are slightly porous making a perfect surface for dirt, suntan lotion and hard water to cling to. The silky smooth coating we add ensures dirt does not adhere in the same way. And the small amount of dirt and grease that is there, is so much much easier to clean off.

Words are easy, so here's a video to show you the Easy to Clean video.

Stays Vivid in All Climates

An ultravoilet (UV) filter is part of the specially formulated coating and it stops strong sunlight fading the colours and patterns of the border. So the swimming pool border will look like new for years and years after it's been fitted.

This could be important to you if you damage the border in any way and need to replace a patch. Or perhaps if the sun beats down on one side of your pool - you still want all the border to stay the same colour as the day you fitted it.

Stays Stuck

This is one of our great differentiators and something we like to boast about - our borders stay stuck! We spent an inordinate amount of time and effort in the development phase of our borders to get this element right. We use a high quality waterproof adhesive that been proven to resist peeling and deterioration in the conditions you find in a swimming pool.

Easy to Fit

The product is made in convenient 500mm long strips so it's easy to manage during the fitting process. There's no long heavy roll of border to drag along behind you.
You don't need any special tools or equipment either.
We've made a set of simple easy step by step fitting instructions that include lots of pictures, helpful hints and tips so you are completely confident when you start the project.

Lots of Choice

There's many many swimming pool border designs for you to choose from, with more being added regularly. To help you imagine what a Swimming Pool Border might look like fitted - please have a look at our Product Tour page.

If you'd like to add the name of your villa to your border or a want a totally personalised design - we can work with you to produce exactly what you want through the Bespoke Design Studio service.

Martin showing the strength of our swimming pool borders.