The Guarantee Terms

Border Choice will not take responsibility of any products that have malfunctioned and have not been reported within a time that gives us the opportunity to rectify.
If goods do malfunction and cause further malfunctions due to not being reported in time, Border Choice reserve the right to accept no responsibility.
Any malfunction needs to be registered on site accompanied with photographs
Please note that any chemicals that are above the regular acceptable strength of dilution for swimming pool usage may cause damage to this product. Border Choice will endeavor to mend to the best of their ability any splits or tears in liners that have been agreed with the customer to be repaired prior to a border being fitted.

Where chemicals have not been diluted to the correct concentration for general pool use this can cause malfunction to the border and Border Choice will not accept responsibility for any damage caused.

However, under the terms of this guarantee Border Choice will not guarantee the repair work nor the fitted border around the area where the split or tear was.
Furthermore, Border Choice will not guarantee any fitted border in any areas where further splits or tears have appeared following the fitting of a border.

Terms of Guarantee

All Border Choice products are guaranteed for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase.
During this guarantee period defective products that can be proven to be the fault of manufacturing or Border Choice defective workmanship will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.
The cost of returning such items for warranty repair or replacement will be met by the purchaser.
All borders are supplied with fitting, care and maintenance instructions.
Border Choice will not accept responsibility for any goods which are not fitted, cared for or maintained as per the instructions supplied.
Should any product be received with no instructions it is the responsibility of the customer to notify Border Choice without delay.