About us

Since 2008 Border Choice Ltd have been helping swimming pool owners make their swimming pools look like new again with self adhesive swimming pool borders.It may not sound as exciting as being a super hero - but we're proud to be able to help people be delighted with their swimming pools again - at a fraction of the cost of a new swimming pool liner.


We're a stable, financially secure company. We've taken the time and effort to set up and operate our business in a proper legal and financial manner.
We've done this so you can be confident when you place an order - we will be here to fulfill it.
If you need to call on the product guarantee - we'll be here with replacements products for you.
If you need help and advice - we'll be here to help.

Core Values

Starting Border Choice Ltd has enabled us to not only help swimming pool owners but the planet at the same time. Many of our customers were on the brink of replacing their whole swimming pool liner or fiberglass pool before they found us. This is a really wasteful process. The swimming pool needs to be emptied, wasting tonnes of water. The liner or fiberglass mould contributes to the mountain of waste us humans already make. Our simple solution of covering up only the stained part of the swimming pool avoids this waste - and it saves swimming pool owners money and hassle too.

We really LIKE being able to save customers money and hassle.

Care and Attention

Customer service isn't a department - it's at the core of everybody's job and everything we do. You call us or email us with any help or advice you need - there is no limit to the time or effort we're prepared to go to to help you.

If you have any questions you can call us on +357 99 012 040 or 0044 749 116 4560. Or email us at info@borderchoice.com or use the Contact page on this website.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

We love it when customers are so happy with the transformation of their swimming pool - they take the time to tell us and send pictures. We've put some of those comments on the Testimonials page and pictures on the Before and After page. If you buy a swimming pool border from us - we'd be honoured if you'd take the time to tell us what you think too

Border Choice team
- here to help your pool look like new again.

New to our team, Paul and Guido with Borderchoice-Europe, happily provide customer support for France, Belgium and Holland.