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Introducing swimming pool borders...

The fastest and easiest way to transform your stained swimming pool and make it look like new again.

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No need to empty your swimming pool.

No need to pay a fortune to replace your whole swimming pool liner.

Border Choice swimming pool borders work with pool liners, fibreglass pools and tiled pools.

10 Must's

10 Things you MUST check when buying a border:

  • Is the supplier dedicated to manufacturing their own borders?
  • Are the vinyl borders reliable, proven and tested?
  • Is there an extensive choice of designs for you to choose from?
  • Can the borders be supplied in any depth?
  • Can the border be fitted from outside of the pool, with easy fit strips, without emptying the water?
  • Is edge sealant provided to ensure your border stays stuck when under attack from chemicals, sun creams and oils?
  • Is 24 hour technical support available by phone or email?
  • Does the border have a specially devel-oped easy wipe surface?
  • Does the border offer value for money, reliable quality at an affordable price?
  • Is it safe and easy to order online with a choice of payment methods?

Border Choice can answer YES
to all these questions.

Can't find the design you are looking for? We can match the pattern on your liner or design your own border.

Easy to clean

All our swimming pool borders have a specially formulated protective coating to make them really easy to clean.

Watch this video to see how easy it is...

Visit the Easy to Clean page and learn more.


Gravity Held

Up to 30% off

Works on liner,
tiled and
fiberglass pools

Great together

Very easy to fit Motifs