This offer must end soon!

We will gift you 5 meters of any border absolutely FREE!. That is correct, a FREE 5 meters of any Freedom, Designer or Imagine Range border when you order 20 meters or more. So, for your 8 meter x 4 meter pool you will need 25 meters of border so you just order 20 meters and we will 'gift you' a further 5 meters absolutely free. So, what savings can you make? 5 meters of any 150 mm depth Freedom Range border ordered from our website costs euro 52.80 and the value of any 250 mm depth of Imagine Range border is euro 84.80 these are the savings you can make!

This is 5 meters FREE! in addition to our 'on line' 20% discount!

How do you make these savings? Quite easily, just order 20 meters or more border and we will supply your order PLUS an additional 5 meters of your chosen border design and depth absolutely FREE. It is as easy as that!

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